10 fun facts about sharks

2013-08-06-sharkSharks are amazing creatures; some just relate to them as the most deadly creatures of the sea but there is more to them than you can imagine. The closer you get to these amazing creatures the more fascinating it gets. Here are top 10 fun facts about sharks.

  1. There are over 400 species of sharks that exist in the world. Not all of them are as ferocious as the great white shark.
  2. Sharks have a lateral line system that helps them in detecting any movement that occurs around them.                                                            lateralline
  3. Sharks do not have any scales on their body and fall under the category of cartilaginous fishes.
  4. Sharks have rows of teeth rather than a single column of them. This increases their biting power and grip on the prey that they attack.
  5. Sharks live longer than most species of fish present in the sea.
  6. Humans are a threat to sharks more than sharks are a threat to us.
  7. There are species of sharks that lay eggs and then there are other species that give birth to young ones.
  8. Sharks have an amazing sense of smell and can catch the scent of one drop of blood in over a million drops of water.
  9. Sharks have an extremely strong immune system and never get tumors. One of the reasons that we believe that they hold the key to most of our ailments.
  10. The largest of sharks are usually the most harmless.



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